4 Cheese Ravioli

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Ingredients: Dough (flour, eggs, water), Ricotta Cheese (pasteurized cow’s milk, heavy cream, salt, lemon juice), Mozzarella Cheese (pasteurized cow’s milk, citric acid, salt, rennet), Fontina Cheese (pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet), Parmesan Cheese (pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet). Package contains approximately one pound of ravioli (25 pieces).

Keep refrigerated until ready to use.

1. Boil pan of water.
2. Drop ravioli into boiling water.
3. Start timer immediately, cook 4-5 minutes.
4. Strain and serve with favorite heated Brocato’s sauce.

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  1. lindafritz

    “Mom, can you mail me some of that pasta we had over the holidays?”
    Krista in Minnesota

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