Jody Miller, the owner of Brocato’s Pasta Company, follows a legacy of good food. His great, great grandfather, Joseph Brocato, came to America from Sicily as an infant in the early 1900s. Although Joseph became involved in many glamourous entrepreneurial endeavors, he always wanted the Brocato family to come together for Sunday dinner.  Preparation started early in the morning with every family member playing a role. From collecting eggs in the chicken coop to picking vine-ripened tomatoes, the freshest ingredients meant the most flavor and the time with each other was cherished.

Generations later Jody continues to carry on this important tradition of using fresh, local ingredients and enjoying good food together.  After earning his culinary degree and working as an executive chef, in 2007 Jody embarked on his own hand-crafted pasta business. He teamed up with his mother, Renee Bouchard Miller, and started selling his pasta products through her storefront, Bouchard’s Baked Goods, in Findlay Market. His pasta is also available at seasonal farmer’s markets, wholesale, and through delivery.

From Jody’s house to yours, enjoy!

“Everything from Brocato’s is super tasty and I really love the recommendations of sauce and pasta each week!” Heather, Elsmere KY

Italian French family

Front to back in relation to Jody Miller:
LS: Joseph Brocato (great great grandfather) – Aunt Ellie – Uncle Buddy
RS: Patricia (grandmother) – Regina (great grandmother) – Marie (great great grandmother)